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Four Prominent Denver Public Venues Partner to Promote Health

New Denver Healthy Cultural Attraction Coalition Launches GO Foods

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Beginning this fall, members of the Denver Healthy Cultural Attraction Coalition (Coalition) will unveil unified messaging and signage that highlights healthy food and drink choices at four of Denver’s top cultural attractions. Convened by Denver Public Health, the Coalition’s founding members include the Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, Denver Zoo, History Colorado Center and Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This is the first time these venues have worked together to promote health throughout public venues in Denver.

While each venue offers unique food and drink to their guests, members agreed they could collectively promote health by making it easy for all visitors to identify the healthiest food and drink options on their menus. When launched, these “GO Foods” will be highlighted with a green apple icon at all four sites. To qualify as a GO Food, the menu item must have healthy ingredients and be low in sugar, saturated fat and salt.

“This is the first time I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of my counterparts across the city of Denver, and it’s been really inspiring,” said Scott Valentine, of History Colorado Center, Systems Services Associates, and a Coalition member. “The process of working together to develop common definitions of GO Foods made me realize the tremendous opportunity food services teams everywhere have to support the health of the community while also serving delicious foods to guests.”

“Making the healthy choice can sometimes be hard when there are so many options on a menu,” added Jennifer Moreland, Healthy Eating Active Living program manager, Denver Public Health. “The system designed by the Coalition for their guests will make it easy for visitors to make an informed decision about what to order when they visit Denver’s top cultural attractions.”

While Denver is widely touted as one of the healthiest communities, one in three children are overweight or obese. Limiting foods that are high in fat and salt, as well as reducing sugary drinks, are proven ways to help people stay at a healthy weight.

Combined, founding member venues serve more than five million visitors annually, including children. Making healthy menu options easy to identify is just one way these iconic Denver destinations can help promote wellness to their visitors. Thus far, the roll out has been positive.

“I’m excited to see how our guests are embracing the changes and seeking out the nutritious menu items we’re offering, and it’s been a great experience working with our peer institutions to emphasize GO Foods.” Denver Museum of Nature & Science Food & Beverage Director Patrick Hartnett said.

Look for the GO Food labels starting today, and get a sneak peek of signage displayed at participating venues.