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2016 Denver Public Health Annual Report

Denver Public Health, a mission-driven health department that is part of Denver Health and Hospital Authority, is focused on improving health with our community. Our newly published 2016 Annual Report, “A Report to the Community,” speaks to this mission by highlighting collaborative work we are doing to address existing and emerging population level health issues. Read the full 2016 Denver Public Health Annual Report online.


New Report Shows Childhood Obesity Is an Issue for Denver

Local Data Shows Rates Still Too High; Obesity Increasing among Hispanics

Denver Public Health today released the Denver Childhood Obesity Monitoring Report 2012-2016, a new analysis detailing information about childhood obesity trends in the City and County of Denver. According to the report, childhood obesity remains a public health issue as its prevalence in Denver has not changed in the past four years. Additionally, differences in obesity rates persist among certain populations, including Hispanics.

Registration Now Open for Denver Public Health Grand Rounds on Sept. 1

RSVP to attend “A Public Health Approach to Stopping the Revolving Door of Violence”

Please join us for a presentation and discussion with Rochelle Dicker, MD about the successful methods used by the Wraparound Project, a hospital-based violence intervention program stopping the revolving door of violent injuries in San Francisco.

June Denver Vitals Signs

Healthy Housing in Denver

The most recent issue of Denver Vital Signs has been published. Read more about Healthy Housing in Denver.


Denver Public Health Seeking Volunteers for Emergency Planning Exercise on June 17

Mock Medication Dispensing Site Open to the Public from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This June, Denver Public Health, Denver Environmental Health and other local response partners, are participating in a full-scale, statewide Public Health Emergency Dispensing Exercise (PHED Ex 2017) to practice quickly giving away emergency medications to people during a health crisis. About 200 volunteers are needed to walk through a mock medication dispensing site. This may include following signs, filling out forms, and receiving fake medication bottles.