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Denver Public Health Seeking Volunteers for Emergency Planning Exercise on June 17

Mock Medication Dispensing Site Open to the Public from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This June, Denver Public Health, Denver Environmental Health and other local response partners, are participating in a full-scale, statewide Public Health Emergency Dispensing Exercise (PHED Ex 2017) to practice quickly giving away emergency medications to people during a health crisis. About 200 volunteers are needed to walk through a mock medication dispensing site. This may include following signs, filling out forms, and receiving fake medication bottles.


Hepatitis A is on the Rise in Colorado

At-Risk People should be vaccinated

Twenty-six cases of hepatitis A have been reported in Colorado since January 2017, which is more than Colorado typically sees in an entire year. Some adults are at higher risk for getting hepatitis A and should be vaccinated to protect against it.

New Issue of Denver Vital Signs

Ensuring Pedestrian Safety in Denver

The latest issue of Denver Vital Signs has been published! Read more about what Denver is doing to ensure pedestrian safety.


Slides from the March 2017 Grand Rounds: “Achieving Health Equity to Eliminate Tuberculosis” Now Available

View Dr. Michelle Haas’ presentation, which discussed how best to eliminate the burden of TB by creating a framework to address health disparities in our community. 


Denver Public Health Named a U.S TB Elimination Champion by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Conjunction with World TB Day 2017

Early Detection a Key Factor in Eliminating Tuberculosis in Colorado

In conjunction with  World TB Day (March 24), Denver Public Health’s Denver Metro Tuberculosis (TB) Program has been named a 2017 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. TB Elimination Champion for its work to prevent and control TB through expanded and early testing for TB infection.