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The Truth about Unintended Pregnancy

While the national debate over birth control continues, an important element of the story is being neglected: the truth about the consequences of unintended pregnancies in Colorado, including those consequences on the parents, the children, and the taxpayers. The Denver Post recently published an article regarding The truth about unintended pregnancy.

Tobacco-Free Youth

A new Surgeon General's report calls on Denver to make the next generation tobacco-free. The report demonstrates tobacco use in Denver and how it is being addressed.

Jack Spencer Award Given to Long-Time Denver Public Health Physician

The prestigious Jack Spencer Award, which honors an individual for a career of exceptional contributions to excellence in STD prevention characterized by outstanding commitment to science-based programs, continuous innovation, and profound commitment to helping people, was presented to Dr. Cornelieus "Kees" Reitmeijer. Kees was the first recipient to receive a perfect score and was nominated by four individuals across the country!

Community Health Assessment

Denver Public Health and Denver Environmental Health recently completed a Community Health Assessment that surveys Denver in 14 major health topics. This report highlights our city’s successes and identifies areas for improvement, such as access to health care, obesity, mental health, substance abuse, and tobacco use. This year, Denver Health and the City and County of Denver will work with a broad range of stakeholders and reach out to the public to create a community health improvement plan. We continue to work together to make Denver the healthiest city in the nation. Our news release gives a brief overview of the report.

HANDI - A Handy App for Public Health

HANDI is a mobile application piloted by Denver Public Health which is adaptable to a variety of clinic formats and environments.

Unintended Youth Injury Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment of Intentional and Unintentional Injury in Denver County Youth Ages 10-19 identifies the burden of and trends in injury among Denver youth and recommendations for primary prevention.

Visit from the Director of the CDC, Division of STD Prevention

In late October, Denver Public Health and the Denver STD/HIV Prevention Training Center were honored to host Dr. Gail Bolan, the Director of CDC’s Division of STD Prevention.

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