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Denver Community Health Assessment

Every three years, Denver Public Health and the Department of Environmental Health conduct a community health assessment to measure progress toward improving Denver's Health. The city's most recent community health assessment, the 2014 Health of Denver Report was released in February 2015. To produce this report, the team: 

  • Conducted an environmental scan to determine best practices used to develop our report.
  • Brought together nearly 100 representatives of city agencies, health organizations and community-based organizations to provide insight on Denver's most pressing health issues.
  • Accessed more than 20 different data sources to present reliable information.
  • Sought community examples to share the important work happening to improve the health of everyone in Denver's community.

The 2014 Health of Denver Report presents three themes about Denver's health: equity, prevention and the importance of place. Emphasis is placed on promoting factors that can be changed to positively influence health outcomes, specifically: access to care, personal behaviors, and social, environmental and economic conditions.

How to access Denver's Community Health Assessment

The 2014 Health of Denver Report was published by Be Healthy Denver, a joint initiative between Denver Public Health and Denver Environmental Health that imagines a community where all residents are healthy, regardless of their race, ethnicity, income level, or neighborhood in which they live. Visit to access:

Information about Denver's Community Health Improvement Plan is also available on

Previous Community Health Assessments for Denver

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