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Denver Public Health plays an important role in collecting, monitoring, and sharing public health data and information about the City and County of Denver with public health-focused agencies, community organizations and the general public.

In this role our epidemiologists and data specialists:

  • Collect and analyze data from many different sources to help our team and community partners decide where to focus public health efforts and to understand why conditions, behaviors and disease occur.
  • Watch for public health trends, like an increase in the number of whooping cough cases, so we can quickly educate the public and help control the spread of disease when an outbreak occurs.
  • Use health data as a measurement tool to evaluate if the work we and community partners are doing is making a difference.

While Denver Public Health serves as a data hub, the information we generate is used and shared with people, partners and organizations throughout the Denver community who are also focused on improving public health.

Resources and Commonly Requested Information


Denver Public Health and Denver Environmental Health recently released the 2014 Health of Denver Report – Denver’s new community health assessment. The 2014 Health of Denver Report identified three underlying themes regarding the state of health in Denver: equity, prevention, and importance of place. Visit to download a copy of the report, as well as graphics and data presented in it.