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Now Accepting Applications for our Youth Health Assessment Youth Leadership Team

We are looking to Denver youth to help us better understand what health issues really matter to young people! If you live in Denver and are between 15 and 25, we encourage you to apply for the Youth Leadership Team of the 2017 Youth Health Assessment (YHA).  

We will select 6-10 Denver youth to lead the effort to understand the key issues in youth health from the youth perspective. This is a paid opportunity!

Learn more about this opportunity and apply online by January 10. Questions? Email Abbie Steiner.

Denver Public Health is dedicated to the health and wellness of Denver's youth. In alignment with the state of Colorado's youth health efforts, we define the period of youth as ages 9 - 25. Our programs work to ensure that all of Denver's youth have the opportunity to a live a long and healthy life.

We believe "youth are resources to be developed, rather than problems to be solved." - McLaughlin, M. W., M. A. Iriby, et al. (2001). Urban Sanctuaries: Neighborhood Organizations in the lives and Futures of Inner-City Youth, Wiley.)

Why focus on youth?

Transitioning from a child to an adult is an important developmental time in a person's life. Young people's brains and bodies are changing and they are faced with many important decisions on a variety of topics. The decisions require knowledge and skills. How they deal with challenges, how they set goals and achieve success, and how they talk with their families about their decisions are among the complex set of questions young people ask and answer every day - all which sets the stage for their health and success as adults.

Guiding framework for our youth health program

Denver Public Health's Youth Health Program applies a positive youth development framework to our efforts to advance youth health. In practice, this approach guides us to incorporate the development of skills, opportunities and authentic relationships into programs, practices and policies so that young people reach their full potential.

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Maritza Valenzuela
Youth Health Manager

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