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Quit Smoking

Denver Health Cessation Clinic

Denver Health offers a tobacco cessation clinic designed to assist our patients and employees to be 100% tobacco-free. The clinic offers many cessation options and resources to help you quit smoking in a healthy and effective way.

Colorado QuitLine

Colorado QuitLine: Colorado residents 15 years and older who are ready to quit smoking can also call the Colorado QuitLine at 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for free personalized coaching, as well as a free supply of nicotine patches or gum.

Top 10 Quit Tips

Quitting smoking can be challenging because nicotine is a very addictive drug. Most people have to try several times to quit for good, so don't give up just because you haven't succeeded in the past. Try out one – or all – of these quit tips.

  1. Set your quit smoking date
  2. Write down why you want to quit
  3. Don't use other forms of tobacco instead of cigarettes
  4. Make smoke-free home and car rules
  5. Determine your triggers and then avoid them
  6. Find other ways to relieve stress
  7. Talk to your doctor or dentist about getting help to quit
  8. Check your insurance policy for coverage of smoking-cessation medication and counseling
  9. Get support
  10. Keep trying

In addition to the positive health effects of quitting smoking, you will also save a ton of cash! Do you know how much money you can save if you quit smoking?

Related Resources 

  • provides free online quit-smoking resources.
  • provides additional information about tobacco, including state-by-state statistics.

DPH Tobacco Team Contact

Tracey Richers Maruyama, MA

Chronic Disease Tobacco Program Manager

(303) 602-3692

Denver Public Health Tobacco Team

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