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Smoke-free policies in multi-unit housing can lead to huge cost savings can lead to huge cost savings and better health for residents. Studies in Colorado show that when smoke-free policies are put in place, more people successfully quit smoking, more quit attempts are made, and fewer cigarettes are smoked by residents. Learn more about the health and economic benefits of smoke-free policies: 

Another important component to supporting a smoke-free policy is engaging residents and obtaining their support. This can make enforcement much easier and allows residents a chance to express concerns, take part in problem-solving, and be active about advocating for and supporting the smoke-free policy. This presentation helps educate housing providers about engaging residents in the smoke-free process, and offers insight into how residents think about smoking, and how housing providers can help them go smoke-free.

Smoke-free policies in housing are 100% legal. Property owners and managers have the right to ban smoking on part, or all, of a  Smoking is not a protected activity, and smokers are not a protected class.Both residents who smoke and those who do not might make a reasonable accommodation. It is important to remember there is no right to smoke, but there is a right to breathe clean air. A reasonable accommodation fact sheet can be given to housing providers and attorneys as a resource.

  • Reasonable Accommodation Fact Sheet.

Customizable postcard mailers, intended for a housing provider audience to help educate about, and encourage the adoption of a smoke-free policy are available for reuse. These postcards highlight different themes of smoke-free housing, with the purpose of educating housing providers and helping them move toward policy adoption. (Postcards were originally designed by Denver Public Health and GASP of Colorado.) If you are interested in using any of these cards, please contact

Signage that communicates and advertises the smoke-free policy is an important way to communicate to staff, residents, contractors and visitors. Customizable templates, provided courtesy of Boulder County Public Health are available for housing providers:

DPH Tobacco Team Contact

Denver Public Health Tobacco Team

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