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The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (CCIAA), bans smoking indoors in public places. It is important to know that any public space in multi-unit/multi-family housing must be smoke-free according to the CCIAA. This includes, elevators, stairwells, hallways, community areas, laundry rooms, etc. If a housing provider chooses to provide a smoking shelter, it cannot be enclosed in any way.

It is legal for housing providers to ban smoking activities on their properties, in their buildings and inside units. Policies may include any type of combustible tobacco (cigars, cigarettes, hookah, etc.), as well as other products that produce smoke and volatile organic compounds such as marijuana, incense and electronic cigarettes and other vaporizer devices.

Economic Benefits

Enjoy significant economic savings by putting a smoke-free policy in place:

  • Reduced turnover costs.
  • Increased demand for smoke-free units. Most people see non-smoking as the norm.
  • Decreased administrative burden, including fewer complaints about secondhand smoke.
  • Insurance: both on properties and potentially on employee health, since policies in housing or workplaces can increase successful quit attempts, resulting in fewer smokers.

Policy and Document Examples

South Metro Housing Options d/b/a Littleton Housing Authority:

Denver Housing Authority (DHA):

DPH Tobacco Team Contact

Denver Public Health Tobacco Team

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