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Smoke-Free Guidance for Housing Providers and Landlords

Implementing a smoke-free policy is one of the best ways property managers and owners can protect their investment and the health of their residents and staff.

Did you know...

  • It is 100% legal for an owner or manager to restrict or ban smoking in all or part of the property they own or manage?
  • You can save thousands of dollars turning over an individual unit if a resident doesn't smoke indoors?
  • The majority of residents in market and affordable housing in Colorado want smoke-free policies where they live?
  • There is no way to filter smoke from the air or purify the air that is contaminated from secondhand smoke?
    • The only way to protect other residents from smoke is to ban indoor smoking?
  • You can reduce your liability and chances of fire, and you might qualify for reduced insurance premiums if you enact a smoke-free policy?

Learn more about the health and economic benefits of smoke-free housing policies, find tools for staff and resident education, locate links to cessation resources and find information, resources and assistance in implementing a policy.

Local public health agencies can also be a great resource for housing providers looking to implement a smoke-free policy. If your local agency does not provide assistance in smoke-free housing policies, please submit a request to

Find your local public health agency.

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