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Maternal Child Health

Healthy Moms, Babies and Families

The Maternal Child Health Program at Denver Public Health is dedicated to meeting the ongoing and changing needs of all mothers, fathers, infants and children in Denver.

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Healthy Pregnancy/Birth Control/Family Planning

It is important to start planning today for a healthy baby someday

Getting pregnant may seem hard, but if you are having sex and not using birth control, it is very likely you will get pregnant.

To protect any possible baby:

  • Take folic acid for up to one year before you get pregnant, as it can help to prevent birth defects.
  • Eat a healthy diet and be at a healthy weight.
  • Don't drink, use drugs or tobacco.
  • Manage stress when you can. (Take deep breaths, walk, enjoy a hot bath).

Ask Your Doctor/Healthcare Provider:

  • About genetic screening and counseling based on mom and dad's family history.
  • A safe, effective and easy birth control method that you can stop when you are ready to get pregnant.

Services at Denver Public Health and Denver Health:


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