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Denver Health and Denver Public Health Statement on Amendment 72

Increase Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes

Denver Health and Denver Public Health proudly support Amendment 72, the ballot measure to increase cigarette and tobacco taxes. Read the full statement, and see why supporting this amendment supports Denver Public Health's vision that Denver is a healthy community for all people.


Latinos in Denver Metro Area Disproportionately Affected by HIV/AIDS

Free Testing and PrEP Information Offered October 15

Despite making significant progress in ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Denver, the Latino community continues to be significantly impacted by HIV. According to data from Denver Public Health, 30 percent of people newly diagnosed with HIV and 30 percent of people diagnosed late with HIV in 2015 were Hispanic. Latinos are also more frequently diagnosed with HIV in Denver than whites, Asians and American Indians. Read more.

Spotlight on Health

Please Call Ahead For Flu Shots

Due to a delivery delay, flu shots may not be available for the next few days. Please call (303-602-3520) before visiting our clinics for your flu shot.

Public Health Services in Denver

Denver Public Health partners with Denver Environmental Health to provide comprehensive public health services for the City and County of Denver. Visit Denver Environmental Health’s website for information about food safety inspections, environmental protection, animal protection, the medical examiner’s office, public health inspections, and more.